I have merely been AWOL for a time...just in case you may have wondered. I recently did something I wanted to accomplish before exiting my 50s--finished my undergrad schooling and received my degree (Now if I can become a properly contributing member of society again...Confusedtupid1:, it may have all proven worthwhile)! I also have been busy with various family reunions, doing genealogical searches and such, and updating a few of my websites and family galleries by which our rather large family keeps in touch.
I am continuing to write poetry in between and certainly have no desire to escape The Pig Pen...not just yet, so do not mark me as ready to be buried or butchered (not just yet).
...besides, I sorta got used to the stench around here.Cool

Many congratulations to you, Sid! And we did wonder, or at least I did... you have been missed.

Although, as to "I am not dead"... perhaps you're not the best judge of that, the dead are notoriously bad at reasoning things out...
It could be worse
weird, i was about to mail you, i usually do to awol's amd MIA's
congrats on the degree, i always wanted a degree, the one in the middle with the big boobs but it never happened.
seriously, i envy you a little Blush looking forward to your return Big Grin
(08-24-2011, 04:38 AM)Leanne Wrote:  Although, as to "I am not dead"... perhaps you're not the best judge of that, the dead are notoriously bad at reasoning things out...

Damn...hadn't thought of it that way!

Hang on, I'm going back to check my blood pressure; pulse...or something.
don't tell us you don't have a pulse Sad
I thought you said "don't have a purse" for a minute there.

Thought you were upset at the loss of your manbag, billy.
It could be worse
this thread is so sewer worthy Big Grin
Every sewer leaks a little bit.
It could be worse
this thread is now "the man bag thread"

a bit like my manbag Hysterical

it's weird, me and addy were discussing manbags the other day/week (honestly)
what do guys have that they need a man bag? a wallet, phone, keys....anything else is excess.
i'd love to shoot all men who carry manbags...AngryAngryAngryAngry
According to Alan in The Hangover, it's a satchel.
It could be worse
call it what you will Alan, it's just a descriptor of the "manbag"
back on topic, (after al this thread is about sid) do you think he carries a manbag Huh Big Grin
If you have balls, you automatically have a 'manbag'. For all others, I'm sure their wives carry said balls in their purses.

PS. If you can, try your hand at giving some of the others a bit of feedback. If you already have, thanks, can you do some more?
i fear this manbag of a thread is on it's last legs before travelling sewerward Wink
manbags or no Big Grin

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