hacking in an encrypted chip

what if any are the implications for the future of storing private information on a pc.
and for piracey in general?
(02-09-2010, 10:46 AM)velvetfog Wrote:  I doubt that anything typed into a computer will ever be fully secure.

But the new AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) algorithm is pretty good.

true, but the criminal and the police, security services will keep coming up with ways to decode whatever the techs invent.
the criminal is usually one step ahead.
(02-09-2010, 11:22 AM)velvetfog Wrote:  Computers haven't changed anything in human nature.
As soon as someone designs a new lock, somebody else will take on the challenge of picking it.
thats what i mean.

maybe in a sick sort of way it's the criminal that drives progress Tongue
It's a human design. We're flawed , hence the design will always be flawed. Confused
it's good for innovation
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It is very interesting discussion, I am agree that if any new invention is done then criminal is will be one step ahead.If the security will increase then they will always find a way to break that security.It is very difficult to secure even encrypted chip.
will there ever come a point when it makes no difference what the so called criminal does?

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