Random Prompt #12
Write a poem inspired by a favorite t-shirt

Bonus points for using the words "class," "pulp," and/or "grab." 

*** a reminder that prompts are not rigid. Poems about sharks, butterflies or cameras will not be considered out of place.  


P.S. I'm wondering if numbering these prompts is the wrong approach. It occurred to me that if the thread subject had a keyword like "Random Prompt (t-shirts)" or "Random Prompt (maths) it might be easier for members to go back and find something later. Let me know your thoughts. I'm happy to go back and rename the prompts if it makes for more efficient indexing. 

Try the leeches!
They're the cure for every ailment!
Try some leeches
blended into summer peaches,
gluten-free as Gwenyth's treatments:
coochie steam and booty ointment.
Try the leeches!

selfless soul-searcher
I would like the numbers randomized as well. The next will be 2. Then 40. Then yeah...
Peanut butter honey banana sandwiches
I was converted to Marxism
by the America’s richest socialist,
I’d always been a fellow-traveler
but in 1981 I was reborn.
I remember buying a boxed set:
Selected Works of Marx, Engels, Lenin
Stalin & Mao, sweet little pale yellow
paperbacks printed in China, sewn bindings
with engraved frontispiece portraits
in every volume, and I remember how
the check out guy looked at me,
like he knew I’d just come out
of a showing of Reds and I was
a little embarrassed because it was true.
There was a t-shirt I always wanted
to be brave enough to wear
that I found on an Anarchist website
from somewhere in the UK,
a black and white graveyard with
hundreds of crosses disappearing
into the distance and the slogan
“We have found new homes for the rich”.
Never got the t-shirt but still trying
to read Das Kapital and write an epic
poem inspired by Karl’s words.
I’ve written three cantos but I suspect
that’s as far as I’ll get because I can’t
quite understand commodity fetishism,
but I also suspect I may be guilty of that.


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