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Peanut butter honey banana sandwiches
I beat Edgar Lee Masters. 

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You could come up with rational reasons for why I'm so high on the list. All these different considerations.

But two things YOU will have to consider:

Consider all the poets that didn't even make the list. Shakespeare, for example. Milton. Serge Gurkski. Weldon Kees. Madison Diem.

And that this Thread is one letter away from being Browning. Maybe two. Depends how you measure things.

You could also count how many Replies are my own Replies.

Most of the Dickinson, Emily Replies are her Poems.

So what now?
I think I see most browsers in the general discussion and intensive forums, could they be looking for specific things?
Peanut butter honey banana sandwiches
They are probably gathering materials for their theories.

Sometimes they are reading poems. And the same goes for them.
I say: let them come! Let them derive what pleasure they will from how we plant our fertile seeds onto the wet earth that is this site, from how we spill our staining fluids all over these pages. And if, by watching, they are inspired to imitate our strokes, then by all means: let them come! :Kappa:

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