Random Prompt #7
Upon opening this thread you have 1 hour to write a short poem about Monkeypox, Murder Hornets or Gas Prices. 

Rules: none

Skill Level: subjective

Time Limit: negotiable 

A Poxy Song

Monkepox in men, it seems,
results from men committing what
to monkeys is a social act
defining dominance among
male members of the clan.

Humans thus pursue their dreams
to play the woman and the sot
though womanless in sober fact
delusion is the song that’s sung
by monkeypox in man.
feedback award Non-practicing atheist
I forget about murder hornets
I forgot a lot during the apocalypse
Like the popcorn in the microwave
My 3000 mile oil change
To tell them I wasn't going to make it in time
They waited for me
I pushed that hunk of crap a whole mile
To learn I couldn't fix it.
And then what
A mile walk home to stale burnt popcorn
And people who won't trust me again
Peanut butter honey banana sandwiches
Don't Say Gay

Pulling up to the pump, I heard a concerned voice on the radio say, "there seems to evidence in Florida that monkeypox is carried by homosexual murder hornets that have been smuggled into the US from China."
Dear Mr. Putin,
I don't wash as much as I used to,
not since you messed with the gas.
The dog has learnt how to open the window,
I'm sure he's planning an escape.
We're getting by with humour,
but come the winter,
when people are dying,
it won't be funny.
feedback award wae aye man ye radgie

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