To this Ariana chick
Even Ariana has a hipster boyfriend

She seems to understand 
now that there's nothing to
Many brilliant lines
I write while drunk. 
I realized her the first time, my birthday,
I really had better lines,
and go on. Living

there is no way and why,
          though where and you.

He has a foreign accent, Adidas jersey,
go figure.

You have me. 
I'm jealous.
You never wanted me.

Forgive me for making multiple posts.

But, watching these two videos together is what is going to make my poem make sense.

The way she is in the second video is what gets me.

Somebody please find me a girl like that!

I came across her today for the first time.

I want to satirize her into an early grave or marry her and fill her full of babies.

Love is strange.

Don't even watch the first video, only watch the second one.

I'm sorry I keep talking, I hope this gets added on to the above message.

But I watched a video with the guy out on a date with this Ariana chick,
and he's like:

Today, not that there's a such thing as time, me and Ariana, not that there's a such thing as personhood or duality between two people, are out, not that there's a such thing between inside and outside, at the local Mexican Grill, not that there's a such thing as between local and foreign or such a thing as place.

Yeah, I point out things like that in my writing routine, I say that when I'm decontextualizing reality.
But listen, you're out with a 10. And she digs you. And she's fucking crazy and has to have a camera on her 24/7 to document her nonexistence. But pay attention, she already digs you. You don't have to take her seriously. Women get bored of that shit.

One day, when she is old and can't walk or see, she's going to start responding to my messages.
If you're looking for a relationship that lasts a lifetime,

nevermind, you both are young and hot and enjoy fucking each other.

Keep up the great work.

Hey rowens,

She is so young, and so sure of her perception of the world.  To carry that certainty through the inevitable tragedies of life is another thing.  I truly hope she can manage that. 

You wrote:

You have me.
I'm jealous.
You never wanted me. 

The "perfection" of the virtual world can not really want anybody, so don't sweat it.  I'll bet she does, however, want your $$.

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