Callice hands shape
limestone stacks,
tanned backs
bend to their curvature

Pale chandelier,
dangling in a sapphire
over the sun’s fire–
callice hands
depicted in boulder

The completion of one
leads to another
and the destruction
of the one before–

Callice hands
climbing each other

"Whenever is a really long never"
I like it. S3 seems a bit heavy-handed and preachy with its summation. The abstraction is sticking out. Can you work with it more to find the right imagery to make the “point”? L1 and 2 need images showing cause and effect of some kind, or I’m picturing the symbol of a circle or something. There must be something to show and not tell what you mean. You might even leave it out, but there wouldn’t be anything to rhyme with evermore.

If you leave it in, add something like “leads to the creation of another” for L2 because you have “completion of one” and “destruction of the one”, so “to another” doesn’t fit and is a bit unclear.

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