Hollywood makes BFF’s
out of volleyballs.

One day they drift away—
no matter the reach of our love.
but not fatally
he finds a beach in Sri Lanka;
a fishing village
without TV.
The children breathe life into him
and gleefully kick him about
till the last of our blood
has flaked away.
Nice story, probably has nuances I'm missing. (Later) Looked up the reference, hadn't seen the movie. Nice sequel, then.
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I like the fishing village bit.
Not a big fan of 'BFF'. But that's just me.
The last 2 lines are enigmatic. I don't remember whether there was any blood in the film, so I read it as being symbolic ('blood ties') rather than having a more literal meaning.
Duke, I was really just having a bit of fun and never thought of this as a sequel. But in a way, I guess it is.

Busker, I was most interested in the anthropomorphic journey from volleyball to supporting role in a film. The psychological aspect intrigued me. I just found this video clip that explains it quite nicely.


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