Logic Problem Sestina from LPIA
This is a disaster, I have to cross
the river but this tiny boat won't hold
me, my wolf, goat, and cabbage, but only
two at a time.  I have to drive the boat.
The wolf will eat the goat; the goat will eat
the cabbage. I know I've seen this before.

Alright goat, you're coming with me.  Before
we go though, I'll tether the wolf. We'll cross
and ill tether you there, the wolf won't eat
the cabbage.  Alright wolf come here, now hold
still.  Thank you, there we go.  Get in the boat
goat!  I'll be right back, this should take only

a few trips.  The rivers not strong, only
a little effort to paddle before
my arms tire. Now goat, get out of the boat!
Have a carrot while you wait here.  I'll cross
without you and come back with the wolf.  Hold
on, okay?  I'll be right back.  I can eat

later.  It doesn't matter if I eat
a little ham and cheese now, I'm only
a few hours from town, my stomach can hold.
Alright wolf here's a treat let's go before
goat chews through his rope.  Five more times to cross.
Dammit wolf!  Be still!  It's a little boat!

Now wait here, I'll take goat back in the boat.
Here have my ham, damn animals will eat
everything but the cabbages.  I cross
my heart, the cabbages are the only
things that matter here.  That's not true, before
you got sick we had space at home to hold

all our animals and more.  I can't hold
us all together, it's all sold.  This boat
carries our lives, to get to town before
the market closes.  Since the wolf won't eat 
the cabbage I can take it next.  Only
one more trip, for the goat, I'll have to cross.

Only one more babe, it's easy to cross.
Before you know it, I'll be home to eat.
Hold on babe, only two fit in this boat.
Peanut butter honey banana sandwiches

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