Pigmas 4 January
On the eleventh day of Christmas, the Pig Pen gave to me
eleven mixed messages,
ten written futures,
nine fallen cities,
eight snuffed-out candles,
seven strange names,
six fallen kings,
five struggling moms,
four vanished kids,
three religious pamphlets,
two cash gifts, and
a carol on a broadsheet.

Post something about a message or messages being sent.
H  motion sickness
U c  unsettling lunch
N o
G l
R d  projectile vomit S
Y  slippery footing l C
                                o A
                                s R
  Explosive waves  t  E
Lurching darkness  D

  N floating aimlessly P
O w washed ashore i  L
O h                              a  E
N e                              m  A
E  r                              a  S
K  e                              l  E
N  i                                i  H
O a                              v  E
W m passing planes e L
  S shattered screams P

S  survival instincts
T f  abandon hope
I  i
C r
K e inedible insects S
S broken stomach s T
                                  a O
                                n N
finished  flailing  d  E
barely breathing  S
Peanut butter honey banana sandwiches
Messages to the Undermind

If eyes are, as it’s said,
true windows of the soul
both sending and receiving
messages of veiled emotion
fortune cookies must be taken
as its dusty cellar–
random junk, lace no more
distinguishable from spider webs,
memories stirred turgidly
as if by old scrapbook sayings
meant for someone else
prophesies as helpful
and as useful as
that thoughtfully included
lottery number
you are meant to buy.
feedback award Non-practicing atheist

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