Pigmas 3 January
On the tenth day of Christmas, the Pig Pen gave to me
ten written futures,
nine fallen cities,
eight snuffed-out candles,
seven strange names,
six ancient kings,
five struggling moms,
four vanished kids,
three religious pamphlets,
two cash gifts, and
a carol on a broadsheet.

Post a prophecy (fulfilled or unfulfilled, true or false: your choice).
Take some days off they said
Treat yourself for once they said
Then they all got covid
And I wished I was dead
Peanut butter honey banana sandwiches
Pet Prediction

Karen predicts
this pandemic will persist indefinitely
complete with masks and intermittent shots
for her pet virus

As I approach her door
(which I, unclean, may not pass)
I hear her grooming it
lovingly with double-filtered vacuum cleaner

Just goes to show love finds a way
and you don’t have to know
anything about a subject
to be wrong.
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