Pigmas 26 December
On the second day of Christmas the Pig Pen gave to me,
two cash gifts, and
a carol on a broadsheet.

Post something involving service workers (deacons count as service workers, right?).
Boxing Doggerel

We know when Christmas is, but who can say
which date this year defines as Boxing Day?
Apparently it was the very first
to mobilize commercially– at worst
it might be Monday if the Christmas feast
arrives on Saturday which gives at least
a chance to tip one’s staff and mailman on
a day they work, which Sunday isn’t (yawn).
Some places (Massachusetts) try to fix
the date of Boxing Day at twenty-six
December and so get it partly wrong–
red faces, Yankees, with your yuletide song!
feedback award Non-practicing atheist
When you work 50 hour weeks
serving drinks to the locals
for almost seventeen years
you might just set up a tree
with decorative bottles
and various alcohols
to gift your night-families
for their         loyalty.
Peanut butter honey banana sandwiches
girl at the drive-thru
she trades me coffee for coins
our fingers touch

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