Ive read a lot of poems in this website, several of us have pretty distinct styles.  I feel like sometimes I could read a poem and guess who wrote it.  

Have you ever tried to write in someone else's style?

Which poets out there have such a distinct style that people can try to emulate them?  What are key distinctions?  

Busker usually mentions exotic places and people around the globe, 

Knot seems to take subjects, animals or activities, but more like a specific persons narration of an activity, 

Tiger the lion

 Dukealien seems to pick a form and a subject visual or historical, often with a meter, but he does mix it up

 I think I usually tell stories with a form and subject, rare meter.

I'm not trying to call people out or make them self conscious, I want to try and emulate your styles, anyone's styles, not just the ones mentioned.  I want a challenge thread where you pick a poet (anywhere in existence) and try and write an original poem by them.  Maybe it's fraud, maybe its exercise, what do you think, where should it start?  Bukowski? Thomas?

I'm just gonna start with Todd since I've read a bunch and he's hardly around. Ill give myself to October 25th to write an original Todd piece. Anyone please join and write your own original Todd.
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I've tried to imitate Leanne a bunch of times, and I end up kinda skewing rowens' way from time to time.
I think it's difficult to write like someone else in that sense. It can be learned, but it's no fun.
What can be done rather more easily is parody.
But it's no mean feat to parody Todd, as this poem about him from times past argues:
Oh man...haha
I tried to write in the style of Charles Simic once. It was fun. I liked the poem though of course it fell short.
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