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Once a month, on either a friday or saturday, I get drunk and watch Beth Roars videos on YouTube. She makes me feel good. And other suggestions come up, leading me to other reaction videos. A video will say, Rap Fan Blown Away BY GUNs N' Roses.

And video leads to video.

But I want to see them react to the song One in a Million. I saw one girl try it, and cut it off after one verse. 
I always liked the song, when I was growing up in the early '90s. I always got the feeling that Axl Rose was pissed the fuck off. And I think that's right. 

The song makes me feel like Sublime's Santeria. The verses are angry and harsh, and the chorus is loving and tender and sweet. 

I think Lou Reed does that very well. A lot of things about Guns N' Roses is silly to the point of distraction. But I would like to hear more of these "Rap Fan Blown Away By Guns n' Roses" dive into One in a Million. The best rap is about being pissed the fuck off. And all rock songs from the '80s can't be about Satan. 

Satan is boring, I think Sonic Youth said that. Whoever that is.

I'm trying to use the internet as little as possible. And it's highly possible that nobody is even going to respond to this. So I'm going to go ahead and do my little comedy song and dance and then go away. It's hard to find a straight man to bounce my gags off without him expecting something in return.

People have been racist, my whole life. It's like going to church. If you're not racist, you don't love God.

People say racist things all the time, and I don't like it. But I do like this song called One in a Million. I don't feel it's about racism, it's about anger.
It's like rape porn.

For instance,

I'll see a girl. And she's really good-looking. She's like 27 or something. I mean, that kind of good-looking.

I'm terrified. I don't know what to say.

And I wait a month or two, then I see her, just walking around in Kmart or something.

And I gather up all the courage I can and I walk up to her and say, Hey, I uh, noticed you working at Hills in the mall, and I always wanted to, you know, go up and say something to you, but . . .

And she gets a real pained look on her face, like I remind her of the father-in-law who used to forcefeed her carrots up her ass when she was six, and she says, Fuck off! Loser!

And then I go home and jackoff to some rape porn, and go about my business.

This is what I feel when I listen to One in a Million. It doesn't really mean anything a few seconds after you listen to it.
Whoa very little makes me as angry as the thought of rape.  Anger is useful though.  The song 'one in a million' by GNR really is only offensive because he said niggers and faggots.  Using the words casually these days removes almost all credibility from the user.  Putting the song on for a reaction is almost like raping their ears.  

My wife won't watch the movie 'last house on the left' because of the rape scene.

It's one thing to use rape to show the horror of rape, the actor didnt rape anyone, the director didn't rape anyone, GNR probably isnt as bigoted as the use of those words in their songs at that time might suggest.  But then rape fetishes and rape porn, almost encourages the use of rape for the joy of depravity and sometimes it's hard to draw a line.  I have a song where I say the n word a bunch of times and I believe my context makes it okay but I get scared to play it none the less because the audience might take it the wrong way and feel like I'm raping their ears.  To an extent I am violating their ears.  I know it's wrong to use the words and yet I use my stage time to force them to hear it.  I feel a sense of righteousness.  You can't address and combat rape without the use of it.  We use the image to change the mind.  Rape porn however does the opposite, it caters to the rapists, and everyone knows watching porn promotes trafficking.  Like buying pure bred dogs encourages the breeding of dogs that shouldn't exist (bulldogs/doodles/pugs/ poor creatures...). Does consentually staged rape porn prevent people from actual rape? Does hearing the n word in the song prevent people from discriminating who the 'n' is describing?

I'd rather watch axl rose break down his iconic moments and explain these lyrics, would he change them because of his audience?
Peanut butter honey banana sandwiches
A few of the people who react to Guns N' Roses say that it's their favorite band ever. I wanted to know if that song would change that.
Most people don't seem to be as offended about things as much as people say people are.

I sit and let video run to video. Reactions are almost all the same. But Beth Roars shows and explains how to sing. So I like her.

I like to see people get offended, and I like to see people laugh. I like the feeling I get when other people react to things in an uncontrollable way, like when they laugh.
It's my personal project to see all offendedness turn into laughing. And not the nervous awkward kind.

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