Set Sail to the Centaurs
The Watchman Spied the Ivory Mast From the Cartoon Deck
With Wet Figures Rising from the Creosote Timbers
And the Hot Jupiter Light Hitting the Runway Quicker than Expected
He Knew the Admiral Would Be Calling on All Hands
To Raise All Masts Full and Set Sail to the Centaurs
With No Small Trace of Bitter Air
He Breathed
Half Contented,
Yet Largely Despairing
His Heretofore Clock Would Be Ineffective With the New Hours
to All Kinds of Forces and Masts 
Unknown and Unregistered
By His Ancient Theory of Time
plutocratic polyphonous pandering 
Other than the capitalization, I really "dig" this poem.  I've just been reading Lewis Carroll and Edmund Edward Lear, and I'm not calling your poem "nonsense", which it is not, but it's got a playfulness that you find in the best of nonsense verse.  Yet the Watchman's predicament is no joke. 

Favorite image: "his heretofore clock"
"Take what you need and leave the rest"
Hello Thunderembargo, the capitalization also threw me off. I love the imagery, it’s so colorful and creative. I think my favorite lines is the first and “hot Jupiter” and “ivory mast from the cartoon deck.” This was a fun read because of all the details.

I like the line breaks between...hours” and “...relative” and then “to all kinds” really emphasized the Watchman’s predicament.

I enjoyed reading this from start to finish. It’s really worth reading over and over.

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