Some say, with varied motives, that
allowing China into our
great circle of free markets with
fond hopes it would become a fit
and democratic government
was folly and foredoomed.

Perhaps.  But only Marxists think
that history’s a frozen text
implied by all that’s gone before
inevitably trending to
one party’s victory.

We have indeed seen power rot
a government and people which
becoming rich, had earned acclaim
for industry and harmony
and trying to align with our
bright hopes for its enlightenment
with liberty and law.

It didn’t happen; darker threads
invaded China’s tapestry.
Instead of withering away
its ruling party hardened with
intolerance and outwardly
directed fear of being seen
as weak as well as good.

It didn’t have to be so sad
an outcome, and there’s still a chance
of bright renewal though it’s now
the hope of phoenix following
its flaming power dive.
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Power rots countries
Exhibit A: America
(11-14-2020, 01:10 AM)busker Wrote:  Power rots countries
Exhibit A: America

An astute observation.  Various cultures succumb to corruption of their power structure at different rates, and in different characteristic ways.  Some have learned to deal with it - Mexico, for example, with a single party and one six-year presidential term per president (lately they've been experimenting with multiple parties, verdict not yet in).  Huge amounts of corruption, but avoids tanks in the streets.  (If you don't count narco technicals.)

China (like Mexico, a culture rather than a race regardless of what it claims) has evolved a repeating cycle:  revolution (formerly known as dynasty change) usually triggered by outside invasion, followed by a century or two decline from virile rectitude to absolute corruption... hence the phoenix metaphor.

America (the US) tried to wargame all known paths to corruption and block them by various means - separation of powers, federal subsidiarity, and a written constitution (including the much-reviled Electoral College, which sounds like something Napoleon could have dreamed up as a plebiscite but in fact predates him).  The trouble is, a system with that many moving parts is vulnerable to disorder if one or two of its parts become maladjusted.  It has, after all, lasted only a little longer than the average Chinese dynasty (which the CCP has not and likely won't); perhaps it will prove able to resist the present corruption rather than follow the Chinese cultural response (lie back and enjoy it).
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