More silent responses to A Mere Temptation
    The work is to consummate the soul, the spirit is conflict, the conflict is: the Soul is Boredom, without the soul is oblivion; to remain aloof from the work is stagnation. The Soul doesn't see it that way.
      Is there another soul?
We love the serpent and the trees, otherwise we'd shut up
                                                  about them.
     There are wordless mes and meless words, and things altogether,
     and things altogether other. Otherless beyond, and maybe
 Newest technologies come of insane better visions, but who says better?
  Every prophet was a madman once. Every definition of prophecy
   is a description and a diagnosis of now.
   The spirit has fear, it loves, the soul is beyond all that,
    the animal responds. 

My best writing on online poetry was what I wrote on the COVID-19 poem. On the Internet too. On the Amazon sidewalks. It was deleted before I posted it. I wonder who else could have read it, if no one here did. Did it just so happen a technological problem happened then?

Jesus walked naked in the world,
he exposed himself,
all his shame and guilt, paranoia and fear,
he saved himself by destroying himself;
then he said, You come too.

All love is sexual, all opposition friendship;
fear is balanced by mercy
of and for ourselves and others.

Incest and rape are mere fearful thoughts,
we have mercy on ourselves and others,
that is the strength of the dame with the lion.
The raven in the cave, the dove in bright sunlight.

                         .  .  .

  The world is in the trunk, the WORLD is all
  the sky in the star.
  The trunk we carry, the burden we donkey.

      Hold fast, whale in the atmosphere, let go;
      the water is cleansing;
      starbait, fishbite;
      turn your rods to rods and piss a flood;
      the ark is a slave ship,
      throw your burden in the water and swim like me.

Don't care what the others say, [or] they love you.

                      .  .  .  .

                    It rides every horse.
                    Wears every hat It likes or wants.
          The fiddler is in the basement.
          The tea is in the north.
Heavy drifter, sit down a while, there'll be plenty of light
for leaping, soon. Only remember, there is
no space and time only land and lore.

What is?
What knight? What rabbit?
Call It Influence Theory, call It Integral Theory, call It Ivanka Trump,
                                                        call It the Institute of Technology.
Call It azathoth, call It deadlights. It is It. It IS.

                  I am only one man,
no matter what they say,            at the end of the day.
Hey I read and admire these ?
Every prophet was a madman once. And will be again.

One law for the Christ and the Cynic is masturbation.
So go fuck yourself.    (0riginally Go fuck yiouself. Typos have brains of their own.:.Every mind is a libel, I mean, Bible of its own. And I ammean)

Die daily. Carson.

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