A Mere Temptation

I Had been perfect and free from corruption, a natural singularity
Fractals proceeding from fractals in perfect regularity
Then, all of a sudden – a cataclysm – this pattern had been shattered
Like crystals being diluted by a prankster or trampster, and scattered
Some laughing down or wild coyote knowing how to take a crystal and dismember

The pattern, or re-initiate its growth – so that no one could remember

The original reason that God had made Adam ‘in Our Image”; an image collective

Crystals, coming from the 1st crystals required a nurturing mind, and reflective
The receptors in his brain having been fashioned to attract
Ratio and harmony – his mind like a guiding beacon – to redact
All of the Spirit and Energy in creation into one Universal perspective
So that God’s beauty could be known (if not his mystery) w/out inspecting;

The very laws by which and through which God held power and sway
Over all and through all creation were held in secret, far away
From Adam, and even his new wife, once, she appeared
The gods in their plurality – fostered this new alliance and yet they feared
That Adam and Eve would together remove the secrets of the garden Eden
‘And be like us’ with the power of life, so God suggested, without pleading

That the gates or books – they were called trees -- aught best be left alone
Adam had been made to radiate and attract the good things, not to bone
For the next bone like a dog unkempt or savage, but to muse
Forever in lucidity – and merely to wonder at the ruse
Of the gods in devising the everlasting cosmos, so vast and innumerate
Adam was made both bold and innocent; not, by nature, either carnal or delicate

To proclaim free verse in his natural boldness and to enjoy God’s verse in innocence

This the original intent for mankind both ladies and gents
Adam to be a beacon of God’s light and with Eve’s accompaniment
To bord together the sultry glow of the Garden, an eternal assignment
Neither Adam nor Eve knowing the limit of the Garden’s boundary
Or their own mortality, whether or where the tune of life resounded

In seeming infinite Grace; and how could they possibly know without a full measure

And so it was Eve who curious to know, ascertained the extent of pleasure
She conspired with the Dark Lord to drain both her body and the garden of its curious light
To know for her self what was the principle that might
Divide away those natural good things of natural innocence and charm
To study those laws, forms and rules twould' do no harm
plutocratic polyphonous pandering 
Interesting way of looking at that old story.  I was stopped by "bord," eventually substituted "bear" from context, though some source/derivative of "border" may have been intended.

Needless to say, the old story is not PC for a variety of reasons.  But it still inspires poetry, as in this case.  Thanks for posting!  Thumbsup

(btw, the post seems to have been triplicated - I have connection problems that make me hit "send" too often, can sympathize)
feedback award Non-practicing atheist
I recently rewrote the bible genesis, story, in an email I wrote to someone. I wonder if you are that person. But I only, so far, have read the first stanza, and therefore might be wrong for at least that reason.

But I'm going to finish reading your poem in a few minutes.

The Tree of Duality is merely a reflection of the Tree of Life. All those rivers are around, you know.

That was a quote, partially, from one of my books. A poem about the Bible rewards revisions and visions, and I'm not done. Not done responding.

And I still haven't finished. But a dealer is out there. I entered William Blake world, with ratio and harmony. And need to come back, and maybe dispel that myth.
Perhaps we might be able collaborate.......  with the new millenium well in view, no matter what the political order of the day, the metaphysical transformation which may have taken place in some kind of drug-induced state or wave of consciousness, or collective transformation, where the persian gulf is now ))))) the old garden may have been covered over due to catastrophe
plutocratic polyphonous pandering 
It's love that pulls back to the Garden, where Adam named them. Love spelled right to left. The western world moving away from the garden is evolution, more merely clever and wily tricks with words. I see the Tower of Babel up, and walking out, a Walking Tower, transcendent and linear. Vertical and horizontal. Another word for Word, and nonsense not meaning nonsense which is still after all a word that means something. Not quite 'patametaphysical either, and no not. Not mere negation, or confirmation. Ignorance, but without the connotations of any words.

I had an idea for a movie about it.
Poetry is demonic; we strip away how word leads on to word, the many things that go on dividing us; then we start talking and making poems and mucking it all up 'again'. And I'm saying that's not a bad thing.

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