I give you precedence
and you have precedence,
as the language I speak
and the connections I make,
you are realistic
and initiate what's real.

Young spirit, you are
immeasurably young, and have waited
by my side for me
lonely if not quite afraid,
in your habitual femininity,
that I wouldn't see the king for the kingdom,
and elect you a banished Lilith
as below I bansheed Nada.

As a gate meant only for me,
still the others' law paints
your features. How short I've held
the forms, let alone the faces, I have
manifested in dreams, (was even their
love solely from me?), you came
with a name, and lived bornless before me.

Force, I needn't guard you jealously,
you embrace all you will in my behalf.
In you I know more than knowledge,
with victory wise, and no master's Cynic,
and scratch at fleas that bleed me for my health,
though I am useless, and not ill-natured,
let my ignorance be your lantern,
lead me from the desert,
let me be released from theĀ a priori road,
from measureless recking voids,
and I'll follow you down
to the world
where you've long wanted to go.

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