Oh exquisite libidinous mouth
     Guiding me enthusiastically towards ecstacy
I dwell in your sensual embrace 
     Savoring each luscious lip

     Your every touch is bliss

I trace each lip with my tongue
     Lingering to draw out pleasure
My fingertips coax them closer and
     Pressing mine to yours

            I am transported 

An inviting nip, nibble, bite
     Pulling away with lascivious intent
Your lips respond with eager passion
     Feeling the heat of my fervor

          In your fullness, I melt
The line, "savoring each luscious lips" is confusing to me. It seems to be a simple matter of a conflicting plural noun and singular adjective, but perhaps this was done on purpose? I will add that using the noun lips would refer to the speaker kissing multiple people, though the main focus of this poem seems to be a singular lover. I would love to hear your thoughts about it.

The overall mood created is exquisite. I love the descriptiveness.
Simple, straight forward message here.
I get the drift.
I know little of the grammar requires so I'll refrain.
I do wonder who this would be directed to.
Sensual! Beautiful! I love the message you were trying to express.
I love the imagery as well, great lines!

Stanza 1: Beautiful, nothing to really say. I like the every touch is bliss line!

Stanza 2: I just noticed there are no punctuation, where is it? Good line though.

Stanza 3: Just stunning!

Overall I think you have a great poem here, but what is up with the Savouring each luscious lips? That needs to be revisited, anyway thanks for sharing.

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