I didn't even see it right.
It ran by me very fast,
in the blink of an eye.
A Curupira.
Feet turned backwards,
in the wrong direction.
Or, rather...
wasn't a Jazz man?
A vírus coronal?
A scrotum virus?
A chimera,
a mistake of nature.
It has an acid sulfidric scent.
Wasn'it a Piracuru?
Racupiru, Cupiruar, Pracuiru, Pricurua, Arpirucu?
Did it have a tail?
Was it sucking a mango?
Mortals can't see a legend.
Maestro, please, stop this shit, of
Crirupua, cripurua, criruapu, ripuruca, prirurucu
Pirarucu, Rapicuru, Cururapi, Piruracu, Raripucu, Iraprucu?
ha! poet
you know nothing
of Rapicuru.

Your critique please.

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