Before you critique in this forum
Hey folks, please remember that each forum requires a different level of feedback.  The labels on the forums don't refer to the quality of the poem posted but to the quality of the critique that is expected.  

If you wish to critique in the mild to moderate forum, you must actually offer mild to moderate critique.  I'm not saying you have to deconstruct every single line (save that for intensive) but people are posting comments here that should barely pass in basic.  

We used to delete comments like that, even in basic.  Iv'e been trying to be lenient to encourage participation and site growth, but it's starting to get a bit ridiculous.   If you're going to comment on a poem, put some thought and effort into it, even in basic.  If you're going to comment in the moderate forum, then make sure you are offering moderate level critique.  

Please read the guidelines and expectations of each forum before you post in that forum.  If you aren't sure what the correct level of critique looks like, then take some time to browse through past critiques.  

Thank you in advance for your cooperation in this matter.  


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