What is ...?
Sometimes a piece of feedback contains info like. Use an image or use more imagery. There are lots of other things the new poets are told. In this thread you can ask the universe what an image is or what is alliteration. Ask anything you concerning the what is of a piece of feedback here, ask for an example of it.

What you you like to know? You may get the wrong answer but from there you can learn, it can be your starting point or mid point if you already know a few things. Ask the questions and discuss the a answers.
Like most things in poetry there is no fast and hard rule about the time spent on a draft. If you do it right first time that's enough. That said do it till you think it to be the best it can be. Be careful to have good grammar, if verse, give it good rhyme, use good original imagery. All these things are however easier said than done. It is why this forum is here. Your peers are the best to get feedback from. It won't always be good but if enough give it, you,ll get a general idea as to whether it can be improved or not.

Maybe some else has their own thoughts on the matter?

JaggedEdge Wrote:How long must you draft a poem for?
(05-11-2020, 03:24 AM)JaggedEdge Wrote:  How long must you draft a poem for?
You draft until you've fixed everything to the best of your ability then come back to it after a month, then 3 months, then 6 months, then a year. You've gotten better. What's wrong with it now? Fix it. Rinse repeat. You'll know when it's done. Usually, it's an off again on again process for a few years. Once your ability catches up with what you attempt the cycle shortens but rarely disappears.
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If you put a poem up here you can revisit it for an edit in a week or so. Then when all your edits are done you can wait a good while and return to it fo another look. You will probably have improved your technique enough to refine it even further .

JaggedEdge Wrote:Thanks for your answers guys, I will make sure I come back to my poem after 6 months or less.

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