Souls plucked while the blue tits sing -
a rapture of sorts
And we're the fools, although the nature of the jest escapes us.

Beautifully expressed. We try to assign reasons and probabilities, though random Rapture still hides within each cell of our analysis.
feedback award Non-practicing atheist
Personally I prefer my tits to be a dusty rose color (not mine personally of course), but anything with tits is OK for me. Plus the Christians are always looking forward to the Rapture, so maybe that will make them happy. Come to think of it the virus and god do have much in common. There is even a vaccine against god, it's called hate. If that were the case with covid19 hardly anyone would contract it. Regardless, as the chicken crossing the road said, "the yolks on us."

Oh, good haiku btw.

How long after picking up the brush, the first masterpiece?

The goal is not to obfuscate that which is clear, but make clear that which isn't.
I feel this piece is rather dry, such vague writing, but this is my opinion by the way.

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