Travel Notes to a Friend
Travel Notes to a Friend

Darkness can surround us,
in more ways than one.
Sometimes the loved ones around us,
hide us from what we've done.

Despite who you think you are,
past be damned.
Illness, strife,
futile sacrifice.

I'll be your friend.

When the weight you carry,
is stronger then your time.
When the road your on,
is blind around roads spine.

If Purpose is blinded,
by function right now.
Life's meaning is shadowed,
by former abusers demeaning tell.

I'll be your friend.

Please realize all you've done,
to build this rock I rest upon.
Whenever I need to melt,
upon cozy cushions of clouds, wasted time.

It is my friend who is on my mind.

All the giggles, discussions,
ideas, and conclusions.
Twitter quotes, coughs, jokes,
lovers old and new.
Political discussions over mountain dew.

I love you my friend through and through.
Because we have a friendship that is ours,
often describing treks in the stars.
After years and years, you've been true.

There is nothing I'd rather choose
then for you to mend those wings,
and live a life that is made for you.
Only one thing is impossible for God: To find any sense in any copyright law on the planet.
--mark twain
Rob Cave

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