Poetry without tears
Kacey Rohl looks so good that commonsense has nothing to do with it. Kacey Rohl, so good. Her beauty is so profound, dare I say generic. Dark hair and blue eyes. . . . Inner beauty and fun to be around just radiates.

I wanted to wrte an avantegarde PIECE fr thse whtat irregular desires are irregular and novel.

Profane in order to have power. 
To fend off The Time of the Great Boredom.
Contradictions (it went up there, the curser, after power. and makes sense,; curser curser.) are wrong and right, and friction makes
enehy, I mean, energy. And everything is energy; and there is no 
enerhy. And everything is energy. 'Once you start, there is no ending' though
you die, or end.
Consciosness (the computer has to think when things are spelled wronf. Self - defence[sometimesitchangesitforyou]? is a heterosexual faggot.
Winning is [not Capslock, with a swiigglleeyy redlineunderit] a game we play.
Precepts. Concepts. Effects. Affects.
I am not  dire.
Demons are real and not real at the
same time.
That is distinction.
Distinction might cause pain
and is the reason for love and life.
Energy is friction caused by conflict.
Without conflict there is conflict.
There may be no conflict but.

I was watching a movie, they showed a dick
but censored the pussy (On this occasion)
to be safe for women.
Women need more safety  that's why men
take charge in their lovelife.

I was wrKiting some novels about crime taking place. But I was pretentious that people might think if I write about such things I think about such things. But Stephen ing [I did that on purpose} wries aout suh thigs all = the cocksucking time. so whi cunt I talk about the hauntings of my heart as personal well abd be fictioin*great and not BOORADLEY ]]?

Because they sa I cunt. THEY meaning you, John Rheyson., wHo I met for the

first time yesterday.

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