The Ending to an Internet Affair
I'm new here and to poetry. I hope this is considered poetry - shows you how out of character it is for me  Hysterical I'm more of a novel writer. I appreciate all feedback and comments. I wrote this during a surge of emotion, so please forgive me if it seems choppy! Thanks in advance  Smile

You're good, everything about you is so good and I'm wrong, wrong in so many ways.
 How is it that our eyes have yet to meet and still your soul speaks so clearly to mine. 
Our hands have never touched, yet somehow when I close my eyes I can feel you caress my face. 
You've snuck into my heart slowly, almost secretively, afraid I would realize and run. 
It started out innocently enough and stroke by stroke you started slowly painting a picture of what could be, of amazing adventures, nights stargazing under a full moon - the house, the kids, the life - a life that we both know could never be. 
Now it's too late. 
I've become one of those fools who have fallen in love while staring at a screen, all along belonging to another...
You know this, we both do, yet you continue to torture me with your "Good morning Beautiful" texts as if I have a choice to reply. 
I have come to the conclusion that we are all addicts and you, you are the best high I've had in years.
 We are both spiraling down with blinders in place and any harm that comes is nothing less than we both deserve. 
One of us has to stop this, before it's truly too late.
God knows the last thing I want is to never feel your energy under my fingertips again as I hit send - but powering you down is the only way out of this. 
So I will leave you with a lasting message that I hope you read and reread until its inscribed in your heart....
In this life, you were not meant to be mine. That hurts to realize more than you will ever know. Although our souls connected, tragically they must part;
finding a way to cope with this won't be easy, but one day you will smile again.
One day, someone who isn't me will help you heal. I pray she realizes what a treasure she has found.
 I will keep your memory in my heart for the days I'm feeling down and when I'm lost in a good love story, I know my unforgiving mind will conjure you up. 
Time was not on our side - what a wicked thing time can be. 
You see, some people aren't meant to be the happy ending to your story, no matter how many ways you try to rearrange the pages,
please sleep knowing that you will always be my favorite chapter. 
The chapter I visit again and again, in my dreams -
the only place it's safe for me to love you.  
Goodbye You
The lines about the screen and the keyboard work the best. Feeling under your fingers, in love with a screen. Fitting more of that stuff in there, keeping the technological mixed with physical might tighten it up. The parts about not wanting to be unfaithful to someone could stick to the technological images, I mean. As the screen as the tying together of the poem. Maybe as a means of comparison of sensations and realitites.

The song allusions, if that's what they are, near the end work too. Since the computer and phone or whatever plays music to go with the emotions.
This really moved me and is a good insight into the reality of modern times and the internet. It makes me wonder why they couldn't be together, why a forbidden love?
Is this an epic poem? Because it reads like one, though I have to say that this poem has some great qualities but its too derivative and a little cliché in some parts.

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