Diogenes in the Upside Down
                         Diogenes in the Upside Down

The creature's hair was nonexistent
as if never created at all;
all the trees had no roots
and were dark, as though growing from nowhere
at once; and he saw to it
there'd be no tracking him,
trapping him, he'd stay where he was,
and if it came upon him there,
he'd karate chop the air like Charles Manson,
play bloodless and possum and breathe.

In these strange nonlands,
some dead animals talk like men.
They've had many years to understand it.
Socrates didn't believe in such monsters;
the gods are political dreams.
Just hold your breath, close your eyes,
be a child, the whole world
is your blanket. Even this one.
If animals can talk, why
not breathe out your ears?
This place isn't so unlike the other,
but a lot cleaner.

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