In America, it's OK
to be white, it's great
to be Anglo-Saxon
old money, male and protestant -- really, it's the only
thing to exist, dark matter
tore the world apart
so progress bleached the flag.
I don't see how dark matter works as a pun, because it doesn't work as an analogy - dark matter binds things together. Am I missing something?
Also, Northern European is as good as Anglo Saxon, on Stormfront. I believe the gate closes at the border of Turkey.
Dark matter doesn't bind things together, it's responsible for the accelerated expansion of the universe. xP

Ah wait, I made a very big dumb -- dark energy is what brings things apart. Though the nature of dark matter's interactions with the rest of matter is subtler than what usually comes across as attraction, I suppose, since it barely interacts with most matter in the first place.

It could instead be "Dark matter / pulled too many unsavoury elements of society together", but, like, *distilled*. xD

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