A Letter From Life
A Letter From Life

I was there when you said no, not right now, maybe tomorrow.
It was me you passed by, full of excuses and sorrow.
Why play safe, because better safe than sorry?
Today’s moment right now is tomorrow’s yesterday story.
What kind of future would it be without mistakes from the past?
The reason you shouldn’t, is why you should, just get rid of the cast.
The cast is your restraint, unable to move and grow.
Sure you’ll probably fall, but how else will you learn to go against the flow?
Against the grain, go left instead of right?
That dark path may just be missing YOUR light.
You already know this. You’ve heard it all before.
Stop living in fear, take chances and kick open my door.


Very nice "just do it" rap. Personifying Life is quite effective (and I say this, who doesn't actually appreciate rap very much).

I guess it could have been signed, "Still waiting, Life," but the formal "Sincerely" does fit. Fortune may not always favor those who kick in the door, but Life has an exclusive fondness for those who show up.
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