Poles Apart in Loves and Loathes
I cannot let life pass me by;

I have spent years building what I now possess.
I cannot spend the remainder of my days
commuting from pleasure to this mess.
Such time has passed of this eternal misery,
With no way of knowing how or why things went awry.
Grief brought a realisation that this is not enough –
That life is vulnerable, that life is tough.
I seek change; I bring change in all but you –
I wish not to change you dear, but will you ever change?
Learn something new, evolve, grow.
Our worlds could not appear more distant –
Poles apart in loves and loathes. And, yet,
We persist; bound by our respective blind hard-headedness not to surrender.
This, we have in common.
I question all that kept us together so long – do you?
Your inability to speak, to squabble, to speak of what’s true,
Bring me such despair.
We live apart, together; waiting for one to say it’s over.
We take each other for granted, unmoved to show gratitude
For the little things. For the big things remain untouched.
Such hateful words have filled this vacuum that now fills our entire world.
More than mere cracks appear in our complexion;
Our walls subside under the weight of this silence.
I will not confront, or argue, or cause a scene; I have seen too much of this.
I have learnt from the mistake of others.
And what of the mistake of letting life pass me by?
In the end, there’s only me.
This I’ve learnt time and again – and, sadly,
You’ve taught me no different.
I am alone in your company –
But this solitude will not break me.  
It hurts, but I am numb; catatonic to my surroundings.
I fear the light that once shone at the end of the tunnel,
Now beams brightly behind me and I am left standing in my own shadow. Alone.

Hi Forum members -

I have just viewed this on the thread and would like to point out that the break between the first line and the next is not intended - it looked ok when I posted it - unless, of course, you guys think it's a spark of genius to have the space inserted...in which case it was absolutely intentional! :-)

Thanks for reading!

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