Blead if you dare (Invented word in the title)
Do not read
Don´t do it
If you happen to
have book on your hands
Do not read it
Don´t do it
Throw it away
Set it of fire
Bury it 
On the deepest pit
But if you can´t help it
If you feel too tempted
to read a book
then protect yourself
use a condom
yes, use a condom
protect yourself
you could be infected,
and you don´t want that, do you?
It could make you feel
What you cannot feel
It could make you hear
What you cannot hear
The voices of bleeding human
Beings that in vain wait
To be listened
It could make you kind
It could make You
And you don´t want that, do you?

(THe invented word Blead is one of the keys of the poem, is made out of two words used in the poem, one of them used many times, and the meaning is not easy to get, you have to understand the poem very well to get it, but at least it´s not that difficult to get the general sense)
There's bleed and read, and book and beings. Sometimes I'm paranoid of pranks. But not books. There's a lot of pleading going on, but when do you get to the meat of the matter? Being born or catching a social disease from knowledge and understanding makes sense to me though.
I really liked reading this. I don't know if it's the kind of building repetition and pace that ebbs and flows somewhat, or the curious unexpected subject matter/ way it's expressed... just my first impression. It seems a bit odd that some starts of lines are capitalised and others aren't. Thanks for sharing.

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