T.G.I.F. 10/18/19
Hello! Welcome to T.G.I.F. 

What this is:  A new prompt will be posted every Friday (or Friday-ish).  Everyone is welcome to participate in this thread at any time, no restrictions apply.  Don't overthink the prompts, just let loose and have a bit of fun.  Also, it might be a fun way to get to know some of our newbies. Big Grin

How it Works:   
1. Write a poem on the suggested topic using the form described.  (However, the prompt is more like guidelines, not a hard and fast rule.)
2. Each poem should appear as a separate reply to this thread.
3. The goal is to have FUN!!!   Comments, kudos, and questions are welcome responses.

Friday, October 18, 2019

Topic: Any    (though humor is a prevalent theme for this form)

Form: Write a limerick!  (or two or three ... or as many as you like) 

What is a limerick?

Definition: “A humorous, frequently bawdy, verse of three long and two short lines, rhyming aabba, popularized by Edward Lear.”

How: To write a limerick, come up with a 5-line poem where the first, second, and fifth line rhyme with each other and the third and fourth line rhyme with each other. Also, make sure the first, second, and fifth line have 8-9 syllables and the third and fourth line have 5-6 syllables.

"There was an Old Man with a beard,
who said, “It is just as I feared!”
Two Owls and a Hen,
Four Larks and a Wren
Have all built their nests in my beard!"
-- Edward Lear

"There was a young lady of Lynn,
Who was so uncommonly thin
That when she essayed
To drink lemonade
She slipped through the straw and fell in."

"There was a young lady named Bright
who traveled much faster than light.
She set out one day
in a relative way,
and came back the previous night."

--based on a poem by Arthur Henry Reginald Buller

"There was a young lady of Niger
who smiled as she rode on a tiger;
They returned from the ride
with the lady inside,
and the smile on the face of the tiger."

—attributed to Edward Lear and William Cosmo Monkhouse

Line Requirement:  5
The Soufflé isn’t the soufflé; the soufflé is the recipe. --Clara 
there once was a gargoyle named Keith
who guarded the turret beneath
he wanted to scare
so he put on a glare
but the sculptor forgot to carve teeth
The Soufflé isn’t the soufflé; the soufflé is the recipe. --Clara 

Invited to write a brief rhyme,
I found I was quite pressed for time.
So thinking, real quick,
I wrote this limerick
in keeping with the paradigm.

Tribal Limericks

A robot who wished to imbibe
rum punch with a guest of his tribe
was knocked to the ground
for punning around
but quite failed to process the gibe.

Two termites attempting to fly
found they couldn’t, and didn’t know why.
They found that they could
after munching more wood:
it’s a mating flight (and then they die).

Fame and sympathy followed Menchu
for her story of sorrows she knew -
but she was a composite
her author would posit
for cash, after downing a few.
feedback award Non-practicing atheist
I went the latest Trump rally
to greet my deplorable sally
but things went south quick
when he pulled out his dick
and giggled “i’m a lib from cali!”
Tonight, my love, you are glowing
and heaven exists in the knowing
that your little green dress
is under duress
and a bit of your nipple is showing.
There was a young tramp from Sydney
who hitched her skirt up to the kidney
till the council said “Please!
You’re spreading herpes,
so roll it back down to the mid knee”

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