T.G.I.F. 10/11/19
Hello! Welcome to T.G.I.F. 

What this is:  A new prompt will be posted every Friday.  Everyone is welcome to participate in this thread at any time, no restrictions apply.  Don't overthink the prompts, just let loose and have a bit of fun.  Also, it might be a fun way to get to know some of our newbies who are still working up the nerve to try out our workshops.  

How it Works:   
1. Write a poem on the suggested topic using the form described.  (However, the prompt is more like guidelines, not a hard and fast rule.)
2. Each poem should appear as a separate reply to this thread.
3. The goal is to have FUN!!!   Comments, kudos, and questions are welcome responses.

Friday, October 11, 2019

Topic: write a poem about something small

Form: any

Line Requirement:  5 lines or less

If you have prompt suggestions, feel free to pm your ideas to Quix.  If every Friday is too often, we can tone it down to bi-monthly or even once a month.  Let's see how it goes.   Big Grin 

(Hey, y’all, sorry this is late.  I’m not used to doing these yet and it completely slipped my mind.  Confused)
The Soufflé isn’t the soufflé; the soufflé is the recipe. --Clara 
a dust mote rides the faintest breeze
indifferent to its own inconsequence.
it swirls around a sunbeam sea
and makes a mockery of my Importance.
The Soufflé isn’t the soufflé; the soufflé is the recipe. --Clara 
God Grins Behind His Hand

Doesn’t the fact that
quantum randomness sets in
just at the point in tininess
where we can no longer measure
seem a bit suspicious to you?
feedback award Non-practicing atheist

For a second time this month
I have cut my tongue- chewing glass.

I think I have been too careless
Stirring brews of salt- tasting blood.

I've been stuttering over reason searching for a simple "I'm sorry."
Gag Reflex

I know it's just
a little thing
but the sound of your chewing
could end us.

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