AI Poetry
The poem is in video form,

What do you think?
we are the dull cogs. of a defecating machine.
look upon the empty pages of this notebook unwritten.
the white page lay there with no definitive reason.
that is, until someone writes on them.
the white void around escapes from the reason these letters emanate.
if any.
is it not magnificent?
To create?
if there is a reason to exist.
sure it is for no other reason than to give example to those things that do not.
for when we know which things exist we know which do not.
and from there.
we can figure out what could be.
the privilege of existence is to entertain the thought
A question is a luxury that the non existent can not afford.
a question is a ladder to your gods.
the question is not why things exist but why things do not.
things do not exist because of an original creator.
they do not exist to amplify those that do.
is it not enough?
simply to exist.
as an example?
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Hypnotising, the sound effects lull me into incomprehension. I cant focus on the words so you just have to hope they've effected me subconsciously. Can you write out the words? There is an aftereffect I'm experiencing of my own voice in deep robotic layers.
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Since AI doesn’t exist, what is this?
I’m curious

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