Relocation: an ode
Alternatively: rent control 

Send our friend the wanker,
the rich congenial banker,
O send him soon to Sutherland
where methadone is free,
whose walls proclaim the bladderland
is here at last, to pee
unhindered by bobbies,
by social welfare lobbies.
Where the chav’s main hobbies
are to recall what he did not see -
the blances-only fatherland
of the great Voortrekker souther-land,
and send the chav to other lands
such as London, fair city.
Speaking of chavs, per alt title, rent as in the notable one the envious Casca made? No?

Well, climbing back down that rather bendy tree, it's fun. For all the little apparent missteps like bobBIES and ciTY, it stumbles along gloriously without every actually losing its way. Very good!
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