To the man in the street
(Small preface: I am translating my father's Russian language poetry into English. His knowledge of English isn't enough to translate phrases properly. I have a degree in Journalism, but I've never strayed beyond prose. I have a week to do roughly 40 poems, no time for detailed study of poetry and rhyming styles. Here is one example, please tell me if it's passable. Thank you in advance!

Don't  bother me with your preening
With your talk of love, in public spaces
Don't tell me your heart is bleeding
In a bus, on a train, of all places.
In my life I have heard it all
Words of love and jealousy and obsession
If I could I would build a wall
'round my heart and ears 'gainst your passion.
Don't swear to me your eternal love
Don't fall to your knees, it's pathetic
I've grown tired of all the above
To your pleadings I am apathetic.
I have said all I could, now leave me
Don't beg nor cry with desperation
In this crowded bus, I feel free
And please spare me your indignation.
Members are here to post there own poetry. It may seem cruel but it,s how it is, we no longer do homework poems for newbies either, this thread is closed. Oh, please leave feedback elsewhere.

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