Turning an Abstract Blob into a Portrait
It begins with spilled ink on a page,
forming an indistinct blotch of color
that slowly takes on the shape
of some ex-girlfriend I thought I had forgotten about.
Then I take a paintbrush and my best colors
and try to capture her image
from my undeveloped memories,
but the pigments never seem to mix.
Every stroke removes some part of her
until the portrait that remains is not a photograph,
it is inspiration.

A silly little thing I threw together while trying to escape some writer's block
If you're the smartest person in the room, you're in the wrong room.

"Or, if a poet writes a poem, then immediately commits suicide (as any decent poet should)..." -- Erthona
i know a few ex girlfriends that could get rid of writers block, i just don't wanna speak of the Big Grin

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