Sci Fi Poetry?
Is this a thing, could it be a thing?
I have been getting alot of inspiration from sci fiction sources and was wondering if some sci themes could or have come across in poetry.
Do you have any favorite writers that do this?
Hope you all are well!
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Rob Cave
I love doing this. I'm not aware of anyone writing along these lines, but I do it myself all the time.
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Right?! I think it is a very tempting idea.
Sci-fi in general has so many themes and ideas that bend and rationalize reality.
In turn bringing out so many interesting themes.
I think im going to try and focus on it a little more.
Only one thing is impossible for God: To find any sense in any copyright law on the planet.
--mark twain
Rob Cave
There is also a fair amount of poetry in sci-fi/fantasy stories.  Usually it moves the plot along, or adds backstory (for example, the poem of the rings in "Lord of the Rings") and "The Misty Mountains" in "The Hobbit."

Most of these are, to me anyway, forgettable.  Like program music? 

A poem which describes a sci-fi situation (and, perhaps, tells a story after setting it up) could be quite interesting.  Which may not be the case with one such I wrote for NAPM 2018 (but see the others for April 6th, 2018, which are better!):

Quote:Late Pre-Eidetic: Yellow Layer

Items in this case were found
in an early twenty-first
century collective midden
called a “landfill.”
Note their leaves’ thinness
and distinctive yellow color,
diagnostic of uppermost strata
from pre-eidetic culture.

Magnified image of one line
shows “name,” “address” and
“telephone number.”  First is
a form of entity-identifier,
second a physical location, and last
a communication-access thread
disambiguation.  In other words,
a physical store of truenames.

(Patrons are reminded
that all these indices are expired
by one thousand years.)

Though shocking, such displays
were ubiquitous in pre-eidetic times
and form almost one-quarter
of an average midden’s contents
by weight.  Their use is difficult
to fathom, though some advance
theories of mutual deterrence.

Next case, a rare find.
This metal tool was called a “pistol.”
It is ingeniously designed to project
metallic objects to short distances
repeatedly.  Few entered middens.
Archaeologists theorize
it was a weapon meant to injure
persons in close proximity,
though why this should be necessary
given ubiquitous stores of truenames
is problematic.

These theorists claim
before humankind inhabited
panoptic-eidetic space,
it would have been impossible
to simply deathwish an unfriend
whose truename was known.
Research on this matter
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Haha, love this poem. I kept reading it in voice of Data on TNG. I think it is quite fun!
Only one thing is impossible for God: To find any sense in any copyright law on the planet.
--mark twain
Rob Cave
Why not start a Sci-Fi thread and see what everyone comes up with?
If we're going to count The Misty Mountains in here, I'd suggest taking a look at a musical group called Steam Powered Giraffe. I know I posted one of their videos here before, but if you're thinking about Sci-Fi in particularly, I'd suggest starting with "Fire Fire" and the rest of The Vice Quadrant. The musical composition isn't bad either.
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Yes, please.  Thumbsup  I would love to see a sci-fi thread or, if there is enough interest, a speculative poetry forum dedicated to exploring the themes of things like LOTR, space travel, time travel, fairy tales, video games, superhero/comic book, D&D etc.  Right?  Big Grin. Anyway, yes, please write sci-fi poetry!  As for examples that already exist within science fiction, other than LOTR, there are the Vogon poems in Hitchhiker’s Guide (though at the moment I can’t remember if there are actual poems or if it is just described), also “Hero of Canton, the Ballad of Jayne Cobb” in Firefly, several poems at various moments in Doctor Who like “The Beast Below,” “Demons run,” etc.  and I’m sure there are many more.  Big Grin  There are the older classics, things like Rossettie’s “Goblin Market.”  We could have one thread where people can share science fiction/ speculative poems they have written, and another to share poems already written about, or found within, science fiction.  Or we could have sci-fi month the way everything else seems to get its own month and all the prompts can be sci-fi related (perhaps May because it contains May 4th, or March because of pi day). Or any or all, whatever y’all want.
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ok peops, the problem with having a dedicated forum to any genre means that anyone can ask for a dedicated forum for any other genre. on this basis. i suggest someone simply starts a thread and calls it sci fi poetry in the pig's arse. that way anyone can post any sci fi poetry in it. make up a few parameters and off you go. you could also start a sci fi fantasy thread. just ask a member or the elite to sticky it and it will alway be accessible.
Yes, that sounds good. Thumbsup  

(I got a little bit carried away maybe, just a bit.  Big Grin)
The Soufflé isn’t the soufflé; the soufflé is the recipe. --Clara 
it's allowed and any idea is a good idea

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