Audio: Time to Waste (song)

Wrote this little song today, feel free to post here or message me if you want the chords. Also, I think I will change "myself" in the second verse to "my friends".

8:15 but the train’s behind this morning,
the coffee line’s looking full but there’s time to waste.
I get my cup, sit down on the brass bench
sketch a picture of a little boy.
Train arrives and the seats are full, I’m standing.
Close my eyes, got a little more time to waste.
See myself drinking beer in high school
awkwardly enjoying life’s divine.
Hit my stop and I walk a block to King Street,
climb the stairs and I stop for air to waste
the few last seconds picturing a grown man
living a life with a little more time to waste.
"Writing about music is like dancing about architecture."
Good images, catchy beat (conversational reading).  Not sure I agree with changing/opening up "myself" in S2:  the rest of the lyric is entirely centered on the speaker, it would jar a little to bring in friends or companions at just that one spot.  On the other hand, it could be an uphill-to-there and then downhill back to self-centeredness.

Quite enjoyable.  Thanks!
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