What's the diffrence between poetry and delineated prose?
When the topic of poetry comes, most people I speak with claim they just don’t ‘get’ modern poetry. It doesn’t have the same place in people’s lives, as it once did. So, depending on one’s school of thought, the fault can be laid either on the poet or the reader. I tend to blame the poet. It seems to me poets are only one writing for other poets, not for the average person.
There is no escape from metre; there is only mastery. TS Eliot
Modern poetry or contemporary poetry?

Maybe poets only write for other poets because they know that only other poets read them. I don't know any poets in person. I don't know anyone personally who reads anything. I keep writing poems about girls I know, thinking it'll impress them. But guess what . . . .... But there are so many things to get into. Written poetry, anyway, is something you get into. There's no need for it. There's poetry. Poetry of lots of kinds.
There is still an audience of (non-poet) readers for poetry, it’s just diminished. And those that exist - and who are willing to cough up a few bucks for a journal or book - are looking for something more structured and written in a more conversational voice; not necessarily formal or even metrical. Just something more than a series of images trying to make someone feel something.

New Formalism came onto the scene in the 80s, and it’s that crop of then-young poets who appear to be the ones non-poets are now listening to. I’m not into commercialism, but if book sales are indicative of what people are wanting, it’s the poets who have had a connection with the NF movement - to some degree - who are most successful with readers, then and now.

Quote:Modern poetry or contemporary poetry?

Both, I think, although I was speaking mostly of contemporary.

I got into poetry in high school, after reading ‘Nothing Gold Can Stay’. When I got into college, they pushed Ginsberg and the beat poets, as well as other genre of the 60s and 70s. It lacked artistry, to me. So I lost interest. Until I discovered the NF movement. Then the world of poetry opened back up for me.
There is no escape from metre; there is only mastery. TS Eliot
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