Sounds of lawnmowers / pleasant pangs of digestion / sticky, smells, sweat / home in the sun or / downtown sidewalks, cobblestone streets, / and girls in light dresses going somewhere else.
not sure i like the [/'s] but i like the brevity of it.
I use / when I don't have the technology to make line breaks. Something in it all fitting in one line is good with me. I put it here in the short poem place because those things seem to me more about sensations than words. I wish it could be one word. But I don't know exactly if my spring sensations are quite the same as yours. And it's not spring yet. I spend a lot of time trying to describe sensations in my head. Especially seasonal ones.

I don't think it's always a good thing to want to attach sensations to words. I have a belief though that I can somehow spread and share them carnally, which is most likely what they are here for.
right, i use to have similar problems when using my ipad.
Why are there no girls named Spring? There was a Winter in American Horror Story. And a girl named Autumn that works at CVS, and we all remember Autumn Reeser from The OC. But why no Spring? Maybe that's why there are so many Aprils, Mays and Junes, and a few Marches.

I hear there's a lot of Marches in Washington. There is a lot, there are lots. Many females in the nation's capitol.

I'm glad the hr line is back. So people'll think again that I always reply to my own comments exactly at hour intervals.

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