6 Minute Football
6 Minute Football

The night was a bucket of blackness splashed on a canvas of stars,
homebound in my green Chevy pickup on a backroad emptied of cars.
I could see my house light in the distance thru trees, like a flickering flame.
I gunned the engine, raced up the road for tonight’s great Football game.

Upon stopping, I looked in my mirror and saw some reflections of light.
Coming up the road, it was only my buddies with pretzels and chips for the night.
We watched the game, talked and ate, laughing in our work-day duds.
With a keg on the table and the chips in the dip, we sucked down masses of suds.

The game was intense and rugged on a field of green, you see.
I wished and wanted to play there when something tugged me three.
Bill’s eyes went wild! Frank threw up chips! Sam spewed beer suds on me!

I began dissolving, melting, merging into the game’s TV.

Before I knew it with ball in hand I was running for the touchdown goal.
Monstrous brutes, frothing at the mouth, ran behind to stop me cold.
They were gaining, almost upon me. That’s when my fear kicked in.
I could hear my best buddies yelling and shouting for me to win.

I was lifted in the air and slammed to the ground
with a crunch and a crash not kind,
with my wind knocked out and waves of hurt
from the weight of the brutes on my spine.
But the cheers rang out with a victory roar
and I opened my eyes to find
6 minutes of Pro Football, I’ll cherish,
‘cause the ball was over the line.


as a fun poem it succeeds, as a soccer supporter [different game] i recognise the enthusiasm shown and the humour.
this is a good one - although entirely in couplets, the rhymes aren't intrusive. And it tells an identifiable story.
Billy - This particular work reflects the secret wish of many who would love to hit that ball for the home run win, cross the finish line first for the gold medal or make that touchdown for the cheers, fans and money. I guess there’s always something to feed our egos and desires. Just thought I’d write a little poetry about it. Thanks Billy for enjoying this work of football watching and suds drinking, made doubly proud by the enthusiasm of a soccer supporter. LOL. Namyh
with soccer it was the watcher being the goal scorer. we got drunk and lived vicariously through the players.

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