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Hi not been around for a long time, was recently reminded of my love for poetry with a discovery of a "new to me" poet.  
So despite my long absence it made me think of you guys and want to share my find.  But where to post it as is not a single poem or a discussion as dumped it here.  (so if anyone has "discovered" a poet and wants to share a link why not dump it might well be new to others as well).

My poet discovery was Una Marson.  
I was sent a article about her life via a friend who's father was a good friend of ours.  Una stayed with his father in London.  (read here:  )

I could not find a site with all her poems, but found a selection here:
hi cj, long time no see. , will have a read of them as i can.
Hi Billy, always forget how much I love this site, just been taking my sweet time enjoying rowens "Daphne" def in dream territory. A treat to read when life is still shite. (so prob just a fleeting visit). It's been so long I've even changed my name...think I'll keep it, hey I could try out for press secretary at the white house.
Not sure I could say I loved Una's poetry, but think there is always something of interest and value in the poems of people who have been at important stages of history. Wondered if there was a thread to dump links to poets we have stumbled across...didn't find one so dropped it here. One of the things the site taught me as a newbie was to read and take all forms of poems (even those I did not get or like), so now I am always looking out for poets new to me.
not sure i'd want to read anything from the white house cj Big Grin you can post poems of poets you like here just copy and paste the poem in a post.

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