funeral pace
"here it comes"
affirming certain death
sight tilted perpendicular
existence crystallized
in a brief glimpse
tin plated change
brushed suspended light
"- or is that nickel?"
certified cynical pewb .
i hope i'm allowed to giggle at the nickel.
(11-09-2018, 12:19 PM)billy Wrote:  i hope i'm allowed to giggle at the nickel.

hey, sociopath I won't judge.

bizarre though, a high degree of threat maximizes sensory input as stimulus rushes in to fill the vacuum of consciousness, hypervigilant of the most subtle details

then fate occurs in a space within the stream of data; just after perceiving imminent death, but prior to any reflexive response to the threat. Of perfect timing, the moment of fate serves to distill a meaning from life, condensed by death's presence. The observer is separated from subjective experience, and thus independent of an experiential filter, a crystal clear picture

fate and conscience are interwoven, fate is here all along as a latent function of existing, operating as awareness.
we are the fish that doesn't know its in water.
certified cynical pewb .

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