I May Have Raised My Voice
I May Have Raised My Voice

explaining to the dog
how it's been a bitch
of a day and I've just sat down,
the game is on, I've got a beer
and there's no chance
I'm budging from this couch

She was crying to go out
like she hadn't peed 
in eleven places
and pooped in three
just fourteen minutes ago.

Now she's sulking
and won't even watch the game with me.
love the enjambment in L's 2 and 3, i also like the title, and the way it can be used for the first line. not seen anything in it i'd change. the interaction between dog and owner is perfect
Another well penned piece Tiger, great title and cameo that every dog owner will relate to, I can see the dog lay down looking away from you with those sideways glances still seeking approval. I enjoyed the poem. Best Keith

If your undies fer you've been smoking through em, don't peg em out

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