Literature Talk at the County Fair
Literature Talk at the County Fair

Poe Carroll Bukowski dumb stuff Thompson
go down a row, you got your

Lovecraft Crowley Gaiman, stuff like that . . .
William Burroughs, and occasionally  Philip Dick & David Lynch.

Then, you got your Stephen King and Anne Rice and
your V. C. Andrews.

Mostly it's Harry Potter. Mostly, it is.
And no one's ever anymore heard of the Marquis de Sade.
They just use his name in vain.

And there aren't many sexy ones around,
mostly young—but fat—  and mostly talk 
about Poe and Thompson,
Poe and Carroll, like they talk about Dahmer and Manson.
Very few's heard of Bukowski, other than the name.

And I say I've never read any of them;
that's the safest way to get laid.
the only neg for is the title. it does in all honesty work but my first thought with [down a row] was of the library. not a lot of imagery but it's one of those poems that doesn't need it. why do i like it? it just works for me, i can't explain why. the twist at the end is almost perfect. the enjambment works well. well worth a few more reads.
Hi rowens
On first read the name drops put me off but the twist at the end was good enough for me to loop back for a few more reads, and i really enjoyed the whole piece, the setting is good and I can see the books laid out on a market stall, the level of interaction with social commentry is balance just right with the slam dunk at the end. Thanks for the read. Best Keith

If your undies fer you've been smoking through em, don't peg em out

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