Gender Reveal (for MC)
Gender Reveal 

One fucking ultrasound
and my dinosaur dad 
painted the nursery blue.

billy wrote:welcome to the site. make it your own, wear it like a well loved slipper and wear it out. ella pleads:please click forum titles for posting guidelines, important threads. New poet? Try Poetic DevicesandWard's Tips

What ellajam said Smile
a girl on the interwebs? wow, it's like an aurora borealis at this time of year, at this time of day, in this part of the country, localized entirely within a kitchen ----- it's either a meme or a lie.

well, on any other part of the interwebs, but i don't think many of us over here care. or at least we seem to care more about the poem than the baby that inspired it. and so, two things: did you know that blue was considered a feminine color until relatively recently? and, of course, what if it's intersex?

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