Slow Thrive
Slow Thrive

World worries whither whether
one is aware,
society's road to happiness
is often bare.

Barren of the fruit,
spoken of on television.
Barren of the soul, 
Strengthened by divine intervention.

I feel as if a rock.
In this stream of a city. 
Where friends come and go,
As well as illness and woes. 

Regardless I’m here.
Building a home, 
Of memories and bones. 
Shedding my past self. 

For a fresh new future, 
My scars on a shelve.
Define now and not then.
Keep your past broken.

Slow thrive works 
one day at a time. 
Being who you know you are, 
And want to be. 

A solid stone,
In a shifting society.
Only one thing is impossible for God: To find any sense in any copyright law on the planet.
--mark twain
Rob Cave

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