English Sheepdogs: A Fable (London, 2018)
English Sheepdogs: A Fable (London, 2018)

These yellow sheepdogs can’t be arsed
to guard white sheep from prowling wolves;
their job’s to keep white English sheep
from troubling their shepherds’ sleep.

These shepherds?  They love roving wolves
who keep their white sheep terrified—
and if they take a lamb or two
or hundreds just to pass around
and groom and feast their appetites
that’s just a shrug, poor little dears,
for shepherds with gray, pointed ears

and yellow sheepdogs not allowed
to bother wolves by watching them
but only silence any rams
who bleat about their ravaged lambs.

Been spending too much time on other hobbies... and subjects.
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thumbs up, i like this. i hope i got the meaning right . it s vague enough to not be attacked anyway, which probably is the trick of every good fable.
Nice work apropriately miscellaneous  Smile If I were a nitpicker (which I am not) I would say this is not a fable   Big Grin
Someday the Mystery will be known Wink
@homer1950 - Good point:  the animals here don't talk or have human thoughts expressed in words as in a fable.  Policies, though...

@vagabond - Apparently more vague than quite intended.  And here I was hoping to move my warning level just a tick Wink  .
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